Fresh Healing Salve (1000mg) by Fresh Bros.



What Our CBD Salve – 1000 mg CBD Pain Relief Product is Made With
Topical CBD Salve – 1000mg Inactive Ingredients

All Natural Inactive ingredients: Mango Butter, Cocoa Butter, Coconut Oil, Frankincense Essential Oil, Thieves EO, White Beeswax


Frankincense, the king of essential oils, is great for oily skin and acne since it’s a natural astringent.

Thieves Oil for Fighting Microbes

The potential health benefits of thieves oil include boosting the immune system, promoting respiratory health, and fighting microbes. Although some of these benefits are anecdotal, the individual components of thieves oil have been shown to have antimicrobial properties, promote wound healing, may provide pain relief, and ease discomfort.

Coconut Oil for Dry and Sensitive Skin

Coconut oil is another ingredient found in this product, and it does amazing wonders to the skin by improving the moisture content. This wonder oil has long been used for cosmetic purposes due to its ability to make the skin supple and hydrated. This oil is also known to reduce inflammation, perfect for irritated and chafed skin. People with sensitive skin can also benefit from coconut oil due to its soothing properties.

Mango and Cocoa Butter

Mango butter and cocoa butter both have a reputation for softening and soothing tired, dry skin, and white beeswax is used for relieving pain. It is also used for swelling (inflammation). Try our Fresh Bros. premium quality salve and experience the many health benefits today!

CBD Salve – 1000mg Active Ingredients

The active ingredients in our salve are 1000 mg of CBD from Broad spectrum CBD oil and CBD isolate. We ensure that we use the best quality CBD ingredients for our products.

Broad-spectrum CBD oil is one of the hemp-derived CBD products we extract. We then use CBD isolate, which is an extraction of pure CBD, to increase the concentration of CBD to 1000mgShop the Best CBD Salves – 1000mg Pain Relief Product.

Age Disclaimer: Not for Sale to Minors Under the Age of 18!

Can White Label or Private Label (250 Minimum)

Certified Zero Delta-9 THC Content


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