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We all know that athletes have a higher chance of getting injured due to the intense physical strain they put on their bodies. This can lead to a scenario where a good amount of hours are spent in rehabilitation and off the field, which is troublesome for growing careers.

To address this problem, Dr. Ethan Russo has been researching the use of CBD oil in managing sports performance anxiety. In addition to coming up with an alternative pain reliever and anti-inflammatory, CBD may change how we understand the link between sports injuries and post-traumatic stress.

According to Symptomatic Relief of Pain from Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), “CBD may represent a promising new approach to analgesia and inflammation.” This is because it has been found that CBD decreases neurotransmitter release; while THC increases it.

How Can CBD Help Athletes Recover?

Most athletes take a more holistic route, that is, trying to get more energy than just training to achieve their goals. In most cases, there are multiple factors that are taken into account, and this includes the effect that CBD has on their mental health.

It’s important to remember that CBD is still not regarded as a food supplement per se, so it may come with certain contraindications.

Those who have experienced side effects while taking CBD oil, it shouldn’t be used again if they have anxiety in the first place. Even so, people may experience sleep disorders after taking too much, as it may lead to anxiety and stress. This, in turn, may contribute to anxiety and PTSD.

How can CBD work in this sense? Research shows that CB1 receptors are related to arousal and stress, including those related to mood/anxiety.

Can CBD Improve Athletic Performance?

When recreational sport activities such as running a marathon, biking, or skiing begin to become commonplace activities and injuries start to become a greater part of the picture, it will affect everyone involved. A study has shown CBD treatment can significantly reduce pain, inflammation, and the size of tissue damage in a model of traumatic muscle injury. However, when CBD was given before the injury occurred, it did not prevent the injury from occurring.

“So it seems like CBD can play a role in reducing pain and inflammation and in reducing damage to connective tissue,” he said. “All those are things that would be good for athletes, and with respect to pain that is a critical issue for athletes.”

For the full answer watch the video below:

Does CBD Improve Anxiety?

What is so surprising about CBD research is that the chemical is so effective at treating anxiety without making you high. In terms of treating anxiety, it has been found that CBD has a dual action of alleviating anxiety without increasing dopamine. In fact, CBD might even help to inhibit the feeling that the anxious thoughts themselves induce.


The cannabinoid system is not just responsible for the endocannabinoid effects, but also for the psychosocial ones in your life. CBD is an effective and fast-acting agent for anxiety and is the only natural anxiotherapy.

According to Marijuana May Help Combat Sports Injury, “A few studies have been done on human participants looking at how CBD affects injury pain, but we really don’t have that much information yet.

Can CBD Improve Performance with Chronic Pain?

CBD can be an ally for those in pain that needs an immediate impact, as this strain can have a more immediate relief of pain. This is because it is non-psychoactive, which means that it has no mind-altering effects. However, it can improve a variety of ailments associated with chronic pain, such as muscle and joint dysfunction and inflammation.


When it comes to pain management, CBD works by influencing the body’s nervous system. Not only does it help to relax tense muscles that are holding us, but it also helps to keep our muscles strong and prevents inflammation.


Dr. Russo mentioned that, due to the interaction with the endocannabinoid system, CBD may enhance the effects of pain relief from painkillers, for example; opioids, which are used as pain reliever.

We all know that people dealing with a lot of pain can turn to illegal substances or prescription medications to get relief. For example, Dr. Ethan Russo has found that the use of CBD as a pain reliever, makes opioid drugs much more tolerable.

It is known that CBD has been found the reduce the impact of pain medication. When coupled with the fact that CBD can decrease inflammation and increase analgesia, it becomes a viable option for patients that are struggling to find a way to deal with their pain.

Will CBD Help Athletes Recover from Injuries/Sickness?

While this may seem like a natural connection at first, it is important to understand some things about using cannabis products. We are not talking about recreational cannabis either. We are referring to hemp-derived CBD that can be derived from the cannabis plant, but not psychoactive in any way. Since CBD doesn’t have THC, it is a clean substance.

Another thing to consider is that CBD is non-psychoactive in nature. It cannot get you “high” in any way. People use CBD for its sedating impact in anxiety or depression, to help with the pain of anxiety or depression. It is also used by people as a way to treat pain from chronic injury or illness.

Which CBD Products Should I Use?

There are so many ways CBD benefits people and when it comes to athletes, there is more than we could put here. Some products try out for your athletic endeavors are CBD topicals to help with the aches & pains from intense workouts. Alternatively you can always try out CBD Edibles which also have a holistic effect on athletes. If you’re unsure about which products can best help you, feel free to contact us!

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